Thursday, March 8, 2012

FlauschGAU Album published!

Hey Folks!
My instrumental project named FlauschGAU flourished so well it brought 14 tracks to life so far. For me, it was just a logical step to compile those tracks to an album some day, and I just decided this day is today. So from now on, you can listen to FlauschGAUs first album Flauschsplosion on Jamendo:


All the recordings were done on my KORG Stage Piano, with the built-in voices. Not even MIDI magic, just a simple stereo sound grab :-) I used my Alesis iO2 Express USB Audio Interface and the free Audacity recording software.
You may notice that this album is all German concerning the titles, but if you want it all in English, simply go to the Soundcloud project site linked above :-)

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